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tv   ABC 7 Morning News at 430AM  ABC  September 14, 2010 3:30am-4:00am PST

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on "good morning america" or anytime at abcne i'm terry mcsweeney, new developments following last week's explosion and fire. coroner is expected to have a news conference to talk about new numbers and some people that have homes to return to aren't sure they want to go back. >> as the investigation grows, the stories are emerging. some neighbors risked their lives to pull neighbors to safety. >> we're getting a dramatic look at the reaction of people, the images of shock and terror captured bay surveillance cameras. >> good morning, a little bit less of an onshore push and brief warmup. >> and some earlier morning
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accidents have cleared. live shot of san mateo bridge shows traffic flowing well but road work on both ends and i'll have details. >> off and running at 4:31. i'm kristen sze. >> i'm eric thomas. >> in just a few hours, the san mateo county coroner will give us an update on the number of victims of the san bruno explosion and fire and dozens of residents are wondering what happens next after they took an emotional tour of their neighborhood last night. terry mcsweeney is live. >> some people don't want to go back? >> even though they can. the coroner expected to update us today on the number of dead. we have four officially dead. three of them have been i.d.'d publicly. last night there was a townhall meeting at the church of the highlands. hundreds of people turned out and many questioned the wisdom of going back.
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jackie spear is there is offering assurance. >> the truth of the matter is this kind of explosion is extremely rare. it's happened maybe two times in the country. >> it's still running through a neighborhood. it's under my house. there are areas of the pipe that you can't access. >> some people have no home to return to. they were given a bus tour yesterday what remains of their home. some have been red-tagged and some homes have been demolished by last evening's blast of the pipeline. we're learning that the pipe is 50 years old, so old that the newest technology for inspecting in these pipes cannot work in them. pg&e was in fact warned. this has been going on since the explosion, that they were warned of the smell of natural gas, some say weeks before the blast.
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pg&e says they check their records and don't see anything there, but some residents say that pg&e had an i think link at least. >> one gunman was horribly injured tree trying to save his girlfriend. carolyn tyler has their story. >> we first met tammy the day after the explosion talking about it. >> he is in critical condition right now. >> tammy and her husband and daughter amanda showed us what used to be their neighbor's house. it's gone but he is alive. they believe it blew him nearly 300 feet to their doorstep. >> he still had smoke coming off his body.
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how he was walking and talking. >> at the time they were trying to escape but they put the teenager in the car and directive to the nearest hospital. >> willie gomez said that his girlfriend died in the blast. they tried to keep him from going into shock. >> they have been able to return to their home and sharing their story hoping that a disaster like this never happens again. they don't consider themselves heroes but they have a new friend. >> it's not over, we're bonded forever. >> children are even riding their bikes. but for this family and others life will never be the same. security cameras in the area captured the initial blast revealing just how big the
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explosion was. this is how it looked to people a block away. this surveillance video comes from a gas stations at corner of san bruno avenue and glenview drive. you can see a woman running while holding a baby. you can see the first fireball erupting and another blast so powerful it launched a projectile in the air. you can see a dark object shooting right out of the camera's view. here is a look at the market. shoppers field the blast and chaos erupts as they ran for their lives. fire and heat, one of those instinctive things you want to get away from as far as possible. lisa argen is here.
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>> we have a bump up in temperatures today. tomorrow right through thursday, right now cloudy skies, 59 in oakland. low clouds and fog made it to inland valleys but the fog will burn back sooner today. we've got upper 50s in the south bay. we still have an onshore push so waking up to the morning clouds, gradual warmup on the order of three to seven degrees today. enjoy it because we cloud up and we could see rain as far as south as the peninsula. so the clouds kept it from clearing but then a brief warmup and second system to sink down to the south of us unfortunately in time for the weekend. so in terms of temperatures, 67 today. upper 70s in concord. look for 70 in palo alto. 67 in san mateo. still upper 50s around the coast and monterey bay, upper 70s and warmup continues through
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thursday. >> good morning. we're going to start off with road work on the east bay. on the other end of the san mateo bridge, connection ramp 880 to 92 to jackson is closed. and also northbound 880, lanes are scheduled to be blocked until 5:30 between alvarado boulevard and whipple. on the other side of the bridge, there is overnight paving work around foster city and 280 and that should be cleared as well by 5:00 this morning. still ahead, the couple accused in the high profile murder of a google job applicant make their first court appearance. >> over or under? san jose plans to weigh a high speed rail system. >> and a controversial fee that san francisco will
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let's make it 4:40. tuesday morning, and a live picture in high definition from rooftop camera of san francisco. ferry battled and bay bridge off to the left on your picture. mild start to the morning and lisa argen is in to tell us what it will mean for the rest of day today as well as traffic with frances. san jose city council is expected to decide high speed rail should be built above or under ground. they say it could be built three to five years. but a tunnel could take 7 years or more to build. it would cost five times more at $2.5 billion. today san francisco supervisors will vote on a measure that could drive up the
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price of alcohol. under the ordinance, liquor distributers and winemakers and brew pubs would pay an extra 35 cents per gallon of beer they sell. those costs would be passed along to customers. they believe it would raise $16 million a year to help reimburse the city for medical care, drunk driving arrests, treatment programs and other alcohol related services. the oakland couple charged with the murder of a virginia man will return to court for a month and a half for another hearing. they entered not guilty pleas yesterday to charges they shot and killed 45-year-old man during a robbery in july. he was in the bay area for a job interview at google. another pick of him here. the two are charged with murder and robbery. police say the couple took $17 during the robbery. petaluma woman was passed out from tequila while her
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toddler got out of the house. they found the barefoot girl a mile from home. they have uncovered information not included in the initial police report about the mother, 23-year-old that led them to drop the charges against her. >> it appears that an armed robbery in vallejo this month may have been an inside job. two male employees of the park are under arrest. they found a lot of cash in their homes linking them to the robbery. >> the sound of disaster. radio calls of san bruno's first responders had a water shortage and faulty information. >> plus, the family of an imprisoned u.c. berkeley graduate what they are saying
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good morning. most of the nation enjoying tranquil weather with severe thunderstorms possible in northwestern california and western missouri but cool around the great lakes and locally, we're looking at a bit of a warmup. i'll detail that forecast coming up in a few minutes. if you need more weather information including flight delays, check out our website at we've seen those dramatic pictures from the san bruno explosion and fire. we've heard from eyewitnesses and homeowners but what about the first responders? this morning we're hearing the frantic first moments. janelle wang joins us live and dispatch tapes, they were caught up with some kind of panic. >> it was chilling listening to them. we obtained the 13567 tapes and
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you could hear the urgency -- dispatch tapes. >> some of the first reports of the san bruno explosion came from commercial pilots flying in the area. >> big fire just started. >> i know, we were just looking at that. that is huge. >> for nearly an hour, crews operated under the assumption that a commercial plane had crashed. >> there is a plane down. >> firefighters arrived within minutes and realized their job was even tougher. >> we have no water on this hydrant. >> we think we got a broken water main down here. >> crews found water in a working hydrant thousands of feet away and firefighter pinpointed the cause. >> this -- it appears this is
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some sort of natural gas explosion. >> the flan particular moments continued on through the night. >> to crestview and currently there is a grove of trees the fire is heading towards us. we've got problems over here. >> they have turned the power off in the area. power is off. >> if you would lake to hear more of those dispatch calls we posted them on our website, click on the link see it on tv. firefighters came from colma and as far away as lake county responded to this explosion. experts are warning the pipeline explosion may be the latest example of a growing risk created by ailing infrastructure nationwide.
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utilities are under increasing pressure to inspect pipes. the pipe in san bruno was more than 50 years old which is right around the life expectancy for steel peichs. critics have long warned of catastrophic failures because it on leaves the companies to do the inspections. they warned that thousands of miles of gas pipelines face the same risks. federal regulators have received over 8,000 pipeline accidents and more than a third caused deaths or serious injuries. >> sichx then more than 3,000 problems were identified. people of all ages across the bay area are pitching in to help people from the san bruno explosion. 7-year-old boy held a box more than $400 inside.
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the bills were mostly ones. she drummer and he playing at fisherman's wharf. if you want to help, we have ways to do it on our website at >> before we get to lisa argen, the thing on the wire, the ap is reporting that iran says that shourd has been released. that is according to iranian television. we have other details about the other two people but sarah shourd has been released. >> and in the meantime, we want to talk to lisa about a very gradual warming trend. >> you got it exactly. we'll see sun sooner. low clouds and fog in certain valleys. starting out cloudy in concord and livermore. it's not quite dense on the our coast. we have an onshore flow but with
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it not quite as strong we'll clear out sooner today. 52 in fairfield. low 50s in santa rosa. so the blanket of low clouds and fog keeping temperatures in the upper 50s in the south bay. with the clouds we'll see the sun probably around 10:00, parts of the bay, more like 11:00 san francisco. that will lead us to a gradual warmup in the next couple of days and then clouding up and rain chances for the weekend. here is the way it's going to play out today. for this afternoon, we'll see plenty of 70s and 80s around the bay. onshore flow keeping temperatures below the average. reason being, still under the influence of a trough. tha is exiting the state. getting on the back side of it today, will allow a brief warmup for the next system upstream will bring the clouds and increase rain chances late friday. we're not looking at a lot of rain but still the cloudy skies
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and the chance in the north bay maybe on the peninsula, as well. 73 in sachbt clare today. 70s sunnyvale. peninsula numbers, upper 50s to 69 menlo park. 70 in palo alto. 62 downtown. not a lot of change here expect you won't see the higher clouds today. 77 in sonoma. 75 in santa rosa. richmond and berkeley today with low to mid-70s for hayward and fremont and union city. out over the hills, mid and upper 70s, dublin and pleasanton and a few low 80s. 79 in gilroy with 54 and clouds hanging through the morning hours. we'll be looking at temperatures coming up about 2 degrees right through thursday. then increasing clouds on friday. that is bringing us a slight chance of showers on saturday and clearing out by sunday.
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we'll fine-tune that for you as it gets closer. >> bay bridge toll plaza, a crash but i don't think it's going to cause much trouble. we'll see a minor back-up before the toll increases but so far not this morning. >> let's go to the peninsula, 101 in millbrae, traffic is light. moving northbound toward san francisco, they may encounter some road work, lanes are scheduled to be blocked between oyster point and candlestick. that is outer until 6:00 this morning. >> south bay, 101 and 880 interest change, northbound traffic is on 101, that is 880 across your screen and lanes also blocked from bernal up to oakland road up to 5:00. check out some drive times for you, northbound 101 out of gilroy to monterey to highway 85 20 minutes. it's fine through the sunol
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grade and altamont pass. get drive times by going to our website at a famous eatery in san francisco's castro district has made the last sandwich. ike's place on 16th street is closing. they served up to 600 people a day. the neighbors complained about long lines and trash. they were evicted from the store. a redwood shores location will remain opened and a new shop opened on the stanford university campus. >> supervisors are deciding whether to put a hold on any pg&e smart meters. a vote will be taken on a resolution through a moratorium at the end of the year. supervision say the community has questions about the radiation emitted by smart
4:54 am
meters. they want a study and have pg&e to pay for it. returning now to our breaking news story, iranian state tv is reporting that i am brings and hiker shair ra shourd has just been released from prison. she has been held for the past year. the three were arrested for illegally crossing into iran on a hike. right now it's unclear whether the half million dollar bail iran was demanding was paid. experts warn even if she is released on bail, tehran insist that she could return to face trial. >> it will weigh heavily on her if they ask her to come back. nobody wants to think that two people's lives depend on them returning to their country. >> iranian president mahmoud ahmadinejad first announced on thursday that shourd would be freed so she could seek medical
4:55 am
attention. she has been released according to iranian tv. she is said to be on her way to the swiss embassy. >> governor swarzenegger is in tokyo making a pitch for stronger business dies between japan and california. he also rode a high speed train to tout the high speed rail system. he says it's an important component to california's infrastructure. he'll go to south korea tomorrow and he hopes it will boost california's sagging economy. >> gubernatorial candidate jerry brown is apologizing for taking a swipe at former president bill clinton over his relationship with monica lewinsky. >> it came a day after meg when it man that she is using footage
4:56 am
out of context to lie about brown in a current campaign ad. on a video posted on "time magazine"'s website, brown said clinton is a nice guy whoever said he always told the truth. he went on to say the whole story did he or didn't he, allied go to monica lewinsky. he said it was wrong for him to joke about that. >> just ahead, two areas of major concern, investigators have as they examine the pipeline at the center of the deadly san bruno explosion. >> and a pg&e pipelinenenenenene ♪
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i'm terry mcsweeney near the devastated area of san bruno. question is what did pg&e know and when did they know it? conflicting answers, the story coming up in a live report. >> and footing the bill for the san bruno disaster may not just be up to the utility company. now it may be up to the customers to pay. we'll tell you about a new bill being considered. good morning. starting out cloudy but a brief warmup for the next couple of days. >> we're off to a good start this morning in terms of traffic. live shot at bay bridge, no accidents or hot spots right now but i'll tell but road work on your way to work. >> we have major breaking news. i'm kristen sze. >> and i'm eric thomas.


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